Participants of the Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge
Greater Fall River Fitness Challenge

Building healthy communities is a shared responsibility. Partners for a Healthier Community has mounted a combined effort involving all sectors of our communities; community residents, health professionals, government, business leaders, clergy, and schools to improve the health and quality of life for all residents of Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, and Westport. Our effort mirrors similar projects in communities across the nation and around the world – people coming together to work cooperatively to solve problems and improve the health and quality of life for the entire community. A healthy community is one that is continually creating and improving itself to ensure a healthy environment for all residents.

Partners has adopted the World Health Organization’s description of a healthy community:

  • High levels of community participation in all aspects of community life
  • Health care services which focus on prevention and staying healthy
  • A non-violent and safe community environment
  • Plenty of affordable housing
  • Employment and educational opportunities for all
  • Accessible recreation opportunities
  • Safe and healthy workplaces
  • Accessible transportation systems
  • Healthy and safe environment